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   LMD - Our history



Montedragone Artisan Laboratory

We began creating dolls long ago in the '80's here in Italy.

I was a dreaming ceramic artist, Stefania was a teenager who eagerly shared with me her greatest wish: to create a doll with her own hands!

So we tried to handmade our first dolls by filtering clay and making molds for each of the personalities we "brought to life" and then dressed them in exquisite antique fabrics.

Over the years we have become a thriving business producing an exciting, whimsical world of over 200 porcelain "Little People" who inhabit our world: Monte Dragone!









Here we create dolls, elves, fairies, pinocchios, sprites, witches, marionettes.

We call them "gli Originali", the Originals, because many other Italian dollmakers try to copy our line.